Photography Leads to Imagine Processing


It all began while I was in high school. After joining high school, there was a need to fill my financial gap by doing something which would generate some income. I needed to be other kids who hailed from well-to-do families and could enjoy some satisfaction that I greatly lacked because of my background.

Therefore after much thought, and saving of course, I was able to buy a camera while in my second year at the school. There was much potential in photography and the demand needed to be fixed because it was souring and the suppliers were inadequate.

I hadn’t tried any photography thing before, but with time, I was the one sought for to cover various events at school. I was there when there were sporting activities, parents’ day gatherings, co\extra curriculum activities, school outings & picnics, just name them. I was loved because of my PR and my way of relating with other kids at school. That is not all; they loved me for extending credit to those with no immediate cash but wanted to be captured in kind-of-urgent scenery.

Therefore, it became a passion, which soon was generating to a dream and an ambition. This is because with time, I could do some major editing on the pics in the school’s computer lab hence able to customize the photos according to what my clients deemed favorable.

Passion and Motivation

photographerAfter high is college, of course. But I never performed well in my high school studies so I couldn’t go for a degree in journalism that I much yearned about but I managed to go for a diploma. It is while here that I perfected my photography passion. I learned a lot and put it into practice. Without saying you can bet that this made me better.

Thus, after college, I was absorbed by a local TV station whose management was really fascinated and appreciated the work that I did for them which I was an intern there. Within a year of my perfect photography work, I got my promotion. This was a major motivation which made me put more efforts and after another one and half years, I got yet another promotion.

This must have created the animosity which followed thereafter because I got to get into better ranks than some of my fellow co-worker who had better academic credentials. Behind my back, I never contemplated that they would be working to bring me down. I sometimes guessed and could discern their distaste in all what I was doing, but I never considered it a threat until the worse came to worst.